The Wilds of Wisconsin

Bio: I live in unwilling exile from Washington Island, Wisconsin. My series of novels, based in Door County, Wisconsin, begins with the award winning North of the Tension Line, and is followed by The Audacity of Goats, which will be published by Beaufort Books in April 2016.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ms. Riordan, I haven’t written to an author before, but your novel was so good I felt it necessary to do so. As an avid reader, I feel this book should be on the NY Times best seller list. Knowing Door Co and Washington Island well. I felt an even stronger connection, however, this book can be enjoyed by readers who have never set foot in Wi.I hope you get this as I felt the need to compliment you and I will be watching for any further work that you do. Thank you for the enjoyment of your book. Sincerely, Tom Steinmetz

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  2. Good morning …your site is filled with wonder and I’m very grateful that you took time to open my door and visit … I will certainly follow you on your amazing journey too …blessings and love xxx meg


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