Let me say at the outset that I am grateful to you, my readers. It is always a little joy in the day to receive the notifications of new followers. Most of you are silent observers, and that’s perfectly fine. I rarely interact with the blogs I read, myself.

When my novel was released in September, I have to confess that I had thought it would be easy. I hadn’t fully realized how difficult it is to launch a book as an unknown author, despite many comments from experienced advisors. For some reason, it wasn’t until I walked into my first book signing that it fully struck me how many books there are in book stores, and how much competition for readers’ attention. My father used to say that he often left a store empty-handed because he became so overwhelmed with the possibilities. As a writer the prospect overwhelms in a different way.

So, I do have a favor to ask of you. If you haven’t read my novel, North of the Tension Line, will you please consider doing so? If you have, will you please recommend it to a friend, write a review, or buy more copies as gifts? You can order it at any bookstore, and if you write to me here, I will be happy to send you a signed label that you can attach to the inside.